A Boutique Hotel in a Boutique City


The quaint restaurant/cafe with its low hanging chocolate-striped ceilings creates a cosy ambience to just sit back and sip on a cup of coffee while surfing the internet from the comfort of the window side couch. If you are in the mood for something more formal, the restaurant-bar that also spills over to the outdoors offers a range of cuisine. With the kitchen team boasting of 8 years of experience working together in the catering business, their culinary skills will not disappoint you.

The versatility of our Kitchen Staff is on full display everyday of the week. From continental dishes for the seasoned traveller to traditional spicy Bhutanese food for locals and those willing to test the resilience of their taste buds, our cuisine bears that subtle difference in taste. That subtle difference that takes a dish from edible to memorable. Our trademark dishes include among others the famous juicy and succulent spare ribs, chicken butter masala and the notorious shakam ema datshi (dried beef with chilli and cheese).

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Restaurant & Bar

We offer our guests a remarkable journey through unique dining and tasting experiences in our hotel, making the most of our experts’ creativity and the finest local ingredients. We present a splendid array of experiences, from grand and intimate to lively and casual.


Our food cultivate and preserve local traditions while embracing our desire to present you with new experiences and surprises. The Chefs in our hotels have worked hard to create authentic local specialities. So make sure you try our food whenever you travel!

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